PAJ S/S 2021

By Chong Xiong

Inspired by the rich colors and textiles of the Flower Hmong tribe located in northern Vietnam, this collection is a culmination of Chong’s modern approach to design, with appreciation for the culture of her upbringing. Paj (pa) meaning flower in the Hmong language, is a reference to the Hmong Vietnamese traditional wear of the Flower Hmong tribe, whose vibrant colors and intricate textiles are at the center of her design. Paj is also a common name given to Hmong women, and also the name of Chong’s mother, who played an intricate role in her life and work.


Behind the Collection 



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Meet the Designer

Chong Xiong

Hmong-American designer, Chong Xiong, seeks to challenge the norms and empower others through her design. Her inspiration stems from her wanderlust spirit of traveling, photography, and lived experiences of those that she encounters. Growing up she watched her mother embroider and sew elaborate Hmong textiles and traditional dresses to support her family. This fueled her to explore the world of apparel, at the intersection of modern and traditional Hmong clothing. As a Hmong womxn navigating two cultures, she looks to her roots to ground her as a designer.