The influence of social media on fashion

By Marley Richmond

From Instagram influencers to TikTok trends, there is no doubt that social media is becoming increasingly entangled with the fashion industry. Lauren Nicol, Darunee Thao, and Mia Minnema all harnessed the power of social media when creating their collections. 


“It’s hard to visualize new trends and styling aesthetics, but these fashion influencers make it easier to identify [them] and what’s going on in the market,” said Thao. Her collection, New AESTHETIC, reflects the mix-and-match style of Indonesian fashion blogger Olivia Lazuardy by featuring a mashup of street style and fine tailoring.


While their designs feature different aesthetics, Nicol’s collection, re.fined, draws inspiration from a similar source: the “luxurious minimalism” of Instagramer Caroline Ebo. “I wanted to design something that was really striking in photos,” Nicol said. To do so, she focused on “the strong lines of the tailored pieces to create an elegant and powerful feel” in images. 


By designing clothes that photograph well, Nicol aims to market her collection to Ebo herself as well as her many followers. Social media, after all, can provide both a source of inspiration and an online gallery. 


“Social media is a great way to grow a personal brand as a designer, as well as connect with other creatives within the fashion industry,” said Minnema. Minnema’s collection, MIMI SWIM, captures a new wave of trends in the fashion industry while remaining“timeless as well.” 


By utilizing the creative power of social media, each of these designers uses a digital platform to inspire, showcase, and brand their unique work. 

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