By Shannon Brault

If the past year has taught Wendy Sandoval and Thao Nguyen anything, it’s that being able to adapt to the changes thrown at you is a key part of creating art--which is just what both of their lines are: pure art. 


The Covid-19 pandemic changed how the senior fashion showcase was conducted, and both Sandoval and Nguyen felt the effects. They were only able to use the studio for a few months before the University switched to its online format. After that, things got more difficult. 


Both designers ordered the majority of their fabrics online, which took a significant amount of time to arrive and prevented them from being able to source the fabrics in-person. They adapted to these changes by switching the type of material they used, hand-dying their fabrics to get the right color, and adapting their designs to the reality of the fabrics they had. 

Additionally, since they could not access the studio, they did not meet their models until the day of the photoshoot, needing to work off of measurements given to them in advance. 


Despite the hiccups in their plans, each designer created a cohesive and stunning collection to display. Both Ngyuen and Sandoval stuck with their original inspirations, colors they wanted to use, and the types of designs they wanted to create. The way they executed their designs and kept moving forward when details around them kept changing is the real test of adaptability, and both of them succeeded. 


“Things happen, and you just have to move on and work with it,” Sandoval said. “It will all turn out in the end. Or even if it’s not exactly what you want, you’ll be happy as long as you embrace those challenges and changes.”