By Noah Garon

Neshuma is a wearable tech collection demonstrating the flawless alliance of technology and elegance. Seamless integration of electronics into fabric allows for evening wear to develop purpose beyond fashion. Each garment contains electronic components that both elevate the look and provide safety and medical functions for the wearer. These electronics are applied covertly to provide their wearer with ease of mind, body, and soul on their night out. These one-of-a-kind evening gowns show off the wearer’s bold personality while providing a sense of comfort and control.


Behind the Collection 

Process Designs


Electronics Planning

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Meet the Designer

Noah Garon
Fashion designer and wearable tech engineer, Noah Garon, specializes in robotics, coding, and manufacturing technology. His interests have led to a deeply rooted desire to expand the use of wearable technology as a way to improve lives. In order to acclimate the public to wearable technology, Noah believes in slowly incorporating technology via fashion. As consumers become comfortable with wearable tech it will make it more desirable for everyday wear, and easier to integrate life-altering devices into everyday apparel. Noah’s goal is the seamless integration of this practical technology into fashionable apparel and accessories for a better and safer world.


Honors Thesis

Mentor: Sylvia Guttman