By Thao Nguyen

The Thaoism collection is inspired by the idea of women’s empowerment embracing design elements found in nature and wildlife. Thaoism is a combination of the designer’s Vietnamese name Thao and the suffix -ism meaning “a distinctive practice or an artistic movement”. Defined varied pleats make a statement throughout the collection, representing the natural pleats found on betta fish’s fin. Lace and eyelet fabrics bring contrasting textures inspired by calcified coral reefs in the ocean. Elegant silhouettes showcase romantic and youthful designs, pulled together with a bold red hue - a nod to the designer’s Asian background - representing luck, happiness, and bravery.


Behind the Collection 


Materials: The collection mainly consists of light, sheer, and textured fabrics such as polyester chiffon, crepe, satin, lace, and eyelet fabric.

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Meet the Designer

Thao Nguyen
Born in Northern Vietnam, Thao Nguyen moved to the U.S. at the age of ten. Viewing the world from two different cultures has broadened her design perspective. She often takes inspiration from the vibrant colors, textures, and beauty of ever-changing nature - because she believes that, like nature, fashion is an extension of who we are. Her designs are brought to life in a new art form that decorates blank canvassed bodies. Thao creates designs for young adult women that promote self-expression, allow the wearer to feel empowered, and look effortlessly chic whenever and wherever.


Insta: thaoism_19 Portfolio: LinkedIn:

Mentor: Laine Weinberg