By Wendy Sandoval

Inspired by the process of creating clothing, this loungewear collection is an exercise in the craft of design. By following the minimalist trend that is being forecasted for S/S 2021, the designer allows the viewer to focus on the work that goes into even simple garments. Using a color-palette inspired by the natural color of cotton fibers, hues of green, orange, tan, and pink, these classic loungewear pieces feel fresh and in tune with the wear. Process is key to this collection but subtly hidden in these functional and forward-thinking garments.


Behind the Collection 




Behind the Collection 


Hand-stamped tags

Meet the Designer

Wendy Sandoval

As a first-generation Mexican-American and first college graduate in her family, Wendy Sandoval is influenced by her experience growing up in a dual culture. She explores using clothing as a canvas to convey the machismo and sexist gender roles she experienced, believing that clothing does not have a gender attached to it. As a reserved person, Wendy’s voice comes out in her designs, capturing a moment from each step of the process as it evokes emotions and stories within. Influenced by her past experiences studying with designers in Italy, she continues this exploration of creativity and passion to speak for her.


Email: sandovalwendy07@gmail.com Insta:wsandoval123 Portfolio:https://sites.google.com/umn.edu/wsandoval/home

Mentor: Samantha Crossland